Theatre Training

Master of Fine Arts in Scenic Design

Next Class Starting the Fall of 2015!

The goal of the Scenic Design Option is to train students who are seriously interested in achieving the artistry and skills necessary to qualify them to be practicing professionals in the entertainment industry and/or professional theatre educators. Students take advanced course work in design, rendering, scene painting, props and crafts, period styles and computer applications for design.

Raynette Smith

Associate Professor, Scenic Design



Scene Design Plan of Study

Core Requirements (27 hrs total, 3 hrs.each.)

THEA 61094 College Teaching (if on assistantship) (3)

THEA 61110 Hist. of Theories of Acting & Space I (3)

THEA 61111 Hist. of Theories of Acting & Space II (3)

THEA 62092 Practicum:  Design & Tech.  (3)

THEA 62092 Practicum:  Design & Tech.  (3)

THEA 60992 Professional Theatre Internship I   (3-6)

THEA 61992 Professional Theatre Internship II  (3-6)           

THEA 61310 MFA Design and Technology Culminating Project (3)

Design and Technology Core (12-27 hrs.)

THEA 61095 Special Topics: Adv. Stud. in Des. (3-18 hrs.)

THEA 61201 Software Applications      (3)

THEA 51620 History of Period Styles for Designers (3) 

THEA 51306 Professional Aspects:  Design and Technology (3)    

Scene Design (15 hrs.)    

THEA 51522 Design Studio:  Lighting    (3)

THEA 51525 Props and Crafts            (3)

THEA 51621 Presentation Media        (3) 

THEA 51622 Design Studio:  Scenery    (3) 

THEA 61521 Advanced Theatre Drafting   (3)

Minimum required for graduation = 60 hrs.